Author Topic: Unusual side effect from double clicking items in a dialog (low priority)  (Read 2998 times)

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(Windows) When I click the button inside a recipe to select a mash profile, and if the selection I want to double click is over top of the grav/ibu/srm sliders, the double click is registered but also passed through to the sliders below it.  For example if I click the Mash profile button, the Choose Mash dialog opens, and perhaps the "Single Infusion, Medium Body" entry I want to double click happens to be positioned directly over the color bar for Color, when I double click it, it select that "Single Infusion, Medium Body" mash profile but it also acts as if I had independently clicked the Color bar, opening a new dialog for "Adj Color", prompting me to adjust the color.  I'm not sure which components among all in the recipe window this will occur for, but it seems to happen for the OG, IBU, and Color at least.  This doesn't really impair usage of Beersmith but it is unexpected and confusing. 

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 I'll double check those buttons.  I do know what causes this as I've corrected it in other sections of the code before but I need to be able to narrow it down to specific functions so I can eliminate it.  I'll certainly check the double clicks in these specific areas.

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