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Sending Recipes to Friends


You can send a single recipe, selection of recipes or entire folder of recipes to your friend (or upload them to a web site)....

Here's one method...
1. Select the recipes or folder you want to send (you can multiple select by holding down the control key or shift key while selecting)
2. Pick the "Save Selected Items" command on the "Actions" menu.
3. Provide a file name
4. Mail that file to a friend or upload it to your web page for others to download.

Alternately for email...if you have a MAPI compatible email program such as Microsoft Outlook...
 2 - Just select the "Mail Selected Items" command on the Actions menu.
 3. Enter a subject and email address - the BeerSmith recipes will appear as an attachment on the email.

Brad 8)

I'm in BS 3 in my recipes I select and highlight the recipe I want to email but there is no Actions Menu or save selected file button to click on. Where should I be?



Since 2003, some of the nomenclature has changed in the drop down menus.

So, go to your folder which contains the recipe you want to export.  Click to highlight the recipe you want and then click on 'file' > 'export selected'.  You will then get a pop up box to direct where you want to save the recipe and give it a file name.


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