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Printed shopping list isn't very good
« on: July 13, 2011, 10:44:32 AM »
The large font, huge margins, lack of grid lines, nonadjustable column sizes and restriction to portrait view all make a printed shopping list practically useless. It seriously gives me a headache trying to read it. Some of the columns have no space between them, and most of the text in them is wrapped to take up 3-4 lines. Even the unit price takes up two lines.

Also, there is no print preview for the shopping list.

It would be nice to, at minimum, be able to print in landscape mode with a custom font size. BeerSmith 1 allowed landscape printing, but it didn't actually resize the table to take up the extra space so it wasn't useful.

Lower priority options that might be useful would be column resizing and turning grid lines on or off (horizontal and/or vertical).

It might also be cool, but not super important, to have a check box print to the left of each item.

Another, slightly more important issue is that when adding two recipes (recipe #1 followed by recipe #2) to the shopping list, their common ingredients are combined and the note says "for recipe: recipe #1". Yes, I want to buy 10 lbs. of 2-row, but I need to know that recipe #1 uses 6.25 lbs. and recipe #2 uses 3.75 lbs. That might not matter if you weight and crush your own grain, but if you do that then you probably buy your grain in 50 lb. sacks!