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Custom Report Question
« on: August 18, 2011, 12:01:27 AM »
Hi Brad

I talked to you at NHC during club or pro brewers night regarding this report.  I have the Changeable Tap Handles on my jockey boxes and have created a custom report for the name inserts.  The attached file contains the report I've built to date.  I'm currently experiencing two issues.

1. I'd like to include the Yeast Name on the insert.  Is there a tag that I can use to get that to drop in?
2.  No matter what changes I make it's not previewing correctly in BeerSmith 2.  It prints fine, but the lines don't preview fine in the software package.

Also included in this report is a small summary of the brew that I drop in to an acrylic frame that hangs on my keg-orator.  I'd like to offer this report as a plugin.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Here is a pick of the tap handle -
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