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« on: September 19, 2011, 07:11:52 PM »
For all of the restaurant owners who wonder why I don't eat at your place:
I live in the Pacific NW, the Disneyland of micro brewing (IMHO anyway). I order a local porter, and it is served in a frosted milk glass, and the beer has been kept at around 36 degrees. It tastes like murky water.
These same restaurants would never be so barbaric as to serve or keep red wine chilled. But what the hell, it's only beer.
About 2 months ago, I started not going to restaurants that automatically assume that all beer should be served at lager temps. I have politly informed them as to why. All to no avail.
I do not expect any restaurants to ever change. Just wanted to gripe about this.

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Re: Restaurants
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I always ask for the ales in a "room temperature glass" and send it back if they forgot.
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