Author Topic: 2.0.57 crashed when using undo/redo  (Read 2649 times)

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2.0.57 crashed when using undo/redo
« on: December 28, 2011, 09:14:37 PM »

I am using the trial version for now as I play with the SW, which is awesome BTW  :).

#1) After I entered in one of my recipes, I was playing with the Style Guide Comparison, didn't really understand what/why changed so I was going Ctrl Z, Ctrl Y and after about 5 or 6 moves, the SW crashed.  When I restarted it, I found that some things were still current while others were changed back such as the default equipment.  It saved my equipment but the default was reset. 

#2) Also, at times, the mouse scroll won't work on the recipe design tab so I have to navigate using scroll bar on the window to scroll up and down.  If I go to the fermentation tab and back, scroll usually works.

#3) When I adjust my ingredients in the style guide section, undo/redo does not update those values with the change.

#4) Having trouble with the batch size vs scale recipe option, gives very different results and it completely jacks with the IBUs, OG...

Thanks in advance
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