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My first stuck Sparge!
« on: February 01, 2012, 03:05:33 PM »
I had my first stuck Sparge yesterday.  I think it was in part due to 1 year old, very dry grain.  After grinding 14 lb. of grain, everything within 6 feet had a layer of very fine barley flour.  Q:  Should I have run the grain through a coarse sifter to remove the fine dust.
  At my first decoction, I needed to draw out 7.5 liter; it stopped flowing out of the mash tun at 4 liter.  A layer of flour about an inch thick and a inch below the surface of the grist was broken up with some vigorous stirring.  All went well the next 2 decoctions.  At Mash out I needed 25.5 liter of Wort, first 5 came out fine then nothing.  It took 2 hours of gently scraping the manifold through the grain to get the required amount.  Q:  Should I have not stirred so vigorously?
  I did use rice hulls, about half a cup.  Should I have used more due to the “flour”?
  Is there a proper sequence in adding the rice hulls, water,  grain to the mash tun?  Is there a grain to rice hull ratio?
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