Author Topic: "Residual carbonation left over after fermentation" & bottling at lower temp  (Read 3225 times)

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Hello my fellow homebrewers!

The saison I brewed finished fermenting at 80 deg. F and I'm getting ready to bottle.  I usually keg but I'd like to bottle condition half of this batch and I'm probably over thinking this but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Should I assume that the level of the residual carbonation left over from the fermentation to be that at 80 deg. F (0.691 vol C02)?  Or, is it closer to the level at 68 deg. F (0.850 vol CO2) which is its current temperature (for the past few days), i.e. does the residual carbonation left correspond with the current temperature of the beer, or, the maximum fermentation temperature?  I suppose the difference equates to only about 15 g (1/2 oz) of corn sugar which isn't a big deal.  Maybe I'll go on the high side (assume residual carbonation from 80 deg. F and add the extra sugar) to be on the safe side...

Thanks for your help!