Author Topic: Adding Rest Steps (Pre-Boling) and Specific Volumes to Decoct Mash  (Read 4219 times)

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I know this must be easier than I'm making it, but I'm trying to create a mash profile based on a written out recipe I've used for years and want to convert fully into BeerSmith with my other recipes:

What is involved is basically a tripe decoct (I know, labor intensive and unncessary, but as a mere homebrewer, this kind of odd-ball stuff is something I actually enjoy sometimes).  I'm staring with about 4kg of grain, with a dough-in of about 10L of H2O @40 C.  The following steps, in other words, which I had no problem translating into the mash profile's steps in BeerSmith:

1. Mash in 10.2 L H20 @ 40o C
2. Heat to 50o C in 10 min
3. Rest for 25 min @ 50o C

I'm having trouble defining/tailoring the mash steps definition in the mash profile to achieve the below steps:

5. Pull 40% of mash for decoction
6. Heat decoction to 71o C in 15 min, rest for 15 min @ 71o C

The exact problem is I cannot figure out how to tell the Beersmith mash profiler to pull 40% of the mash.  I also cannot figure out a way to add a decoct step that stops before boiling and rests.  I can do the rest for 15min part, np, but all the decoct steps added to the mash profile seem to assume that you want to take it right up to boiling.

So, basically, is there a way to just cut right to it and tell Beersmith how much you want to decoct and how much you want to heat it (stopping somewhere short of boiling)?