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kegging equipment...
« on: August 10, 2005, 05:58:14 AM »
hey all i was able to secure 4 cornelius kegs at $18 each (see link below if youre interested... only available as far as i know for another day)

now what more do i need to get, to have a functioning system, besides a co2 tank...?

and beyond that how much is a fair price for the equipment like co2 canister and such??

one more question... i saw for sale co2 tanks for paintball purposes for sale.  they were listed as holding 10lbs of co2 but they are WAY smaller than the typical kegging co2 tank... any ideas as to whether i can use one of these or if they really even hold 10 lbs of co2??  maybe they hold 10 lbs but at a lower psi???

thanks for your help...


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Re: kegging equipment...
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2005, 10:18:41 AM »
I use Cornelius kegs.  Super system to use due to the shape.  
The price is very cheep, in the UK you pay a lot more £35 used and £99 new.

Check the big O ring on the lid, that it is in good nick.  A little petroleum jelly will help with the seal.
You will need two disconnects, one is normally grey(gas) and the other is black(liquid)
A flexi tap works very well for dispensing the beer.  Tubing is 3/16” for the beer (the flexi tap comes with 24” of tubing) and ¼” clear for the gas.
I use food grade CO2 in a large cylinder (the same as supplied to pubs) and costs about £25.  I also have a Widget system that uses a Sodasteam cylinder and comes with a pressure gauge.

Costs In sterling:
disconnectors                                         £9.49p
flexi tap                                               £9.75p
So Dash Carbonating Kit - Deluxe Version  Â£19.49p

The main problem may be cleaning the kegs.  In the UK they where used to hold the Coke concentrates in pubs.  A real bugger to clean.