Author Topic: Milky wort during fermentation  (Read 2719 times)

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Milky wort during fermentation
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:37:30 AM »
I have a strange one (or rather, something I've not seen before).
I am brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale for the 1st time.
The brew started great but after 3 days into primary the wort became very milky. Is this normal?
The OG was 1066 and after 7 days of fermentation is standing at 1018 - so not much wrong with fermentation.
My ingredients:
Pale Malt - 0.91kg
Pilsner Malt 6.35kg
Dextrose - 0.45kg
EKG - 35g
Saaz - 35g
Safbrew T-58 - 1pkt
Fermentation temperature - 19.4C

Any ideas or reasons why the wort turned milky? Will it clear when it reaches end of fermentation?

Renegade Beer (Johan)