Author Topic: Running on Windows 8 and OSX, can I share the same dropbox documents folder  (Read 2363 times)

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I didn't want to try this until I knew it worked, I'm a software developer and realize there could be major differences even if they're just XML files the line breaks and what not could be different.

Separate question, my 3 year old sees me using this program and he likes to open it and mess around on his account in the program, it says the program is not activated on his account though.  Since I have this setup on my laptop (mac) and home pc (win8), is it OK to activate on his account or will it knock one of my other activations off or count as 3 activations?  It's on the same PC as my account. 

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  You can use the same key on his login and it won't count against you - since it is the same computer.

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