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been busy
« on: January 02, 2013, 04:28:58 PM »
Well it's ole Happy agin. Here it is the 2nd of january and I already brewed a fifth of the beer i'm allowed for the year.Yesterday i put up 21 gallons of my favorite pale ale recipe.brewed basically thre batches in one day. Started at 9 and got through washing everythin up at 730. Guess if I keep this up I will have to use the other person in the house clause to make it till the end of the year.That gives ya another 100 gallons you kin brew. Gonna brew a Tumbler Autumn clone next cause it is sooo good. Right now I'm haven one of those moonshine porters I put up back last Jan. I took a little moonshine and put in some charred oak chips then added the oak n a little home bourbon and added that to the secondary. Boy is this good! Hope ya'll had yurself a great holiday season and Happy brewin to ya all!