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« on: February 14, 2006, 08:09:18 PM »
ok i think i have found a good mini fridge to make into a kegerator i have found two diffrent models one 4.4cf the other 4.0cf i looked in side both of them to locate the cooling lines so far in the 4.0 i can only find cooling lines on the bottom of the floor by the compresser and on in the 4.4cf fridge the cooling lines there in one on the bottom like the other as well as a big metal plate on the back wall that takes up all of the back wall with lots of cooling lines what does every one think i'm sure there is more cooling lines in the one but i just dont know where plus the one where i cant find any more cooling lines it has a freezer i would have to remove the other one does not i want to mount a draft tower on top what do you think? would i risk hitting a cooling line on ether model? the retail price at canadian tire 189.00 for the 4.0 cf fridge which has a freezer and not sure if i have found all cooling lines? and the 4.4cf one is 199.00 and i think i have found all cooling lines because it has a million cooling lines on that metal plate in the back and i think thats all the lines it would need plus it does not have a freezer?what should i do any help would be great and if you read this far thank you for your intrest in trying to help a fellow home brewer


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Re: kegerator
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Buy a small, used refrigerator and put the taps in the door if you're not sure where the cooling lines and wiring are.  to strengthen the door remove the inside panel (whit door shelves) and put some plywood in the door.