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Hello all,
  I've created a new site called BrewWiki as a public service to the brewing community.

  The concept behind the site is similar to WikiPedia in that it is a user built encyclopedia for brewing information.  The site is still in its infancy, but I'm hoping some of the BeerSmith community members will help me to expand the base of knowledge there.

   BrewWiki is organized into several main portals - please visit the Community Portal on the main site if you want to contribute an article.

Brad Smith   ;D

I've tried to open an account on the wiki, but I keep getting the error "Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by BrewWiki. You cannot create an account".  This is a standard Verizon home account, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Brad disabled new accounts due to a large attack of spam on the wiki.  You might email beersmith at beersmith dot com and mention you want to create an account.


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