Author Topic: "Save this mash profile to your Profiles->Mash database" function not working  (Read 2952 times)

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I've applied a certain mash profile to a recipe, and then proceeded to modify that mash profile as it pertains to the recipe--it's easier to see how the calculations work when compared to the grains, etc. called for in the recipe. I like the profile, and then click the "Save this mash profile to your Profiles -> Mash database" button just to the right of the mash selector dropdown. However, this seems to not be working: nothing changes in my Mash profiles folder, and if I should happen to change the profile in use on the recipe, there is no way to recall what I'd previously modified.

I might be misunderstanding this function, but at face value it seems to not be working properly. Am I missing an important step, or is this a bug?

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+1 I can confirm that issue. Similarly the function is not working for Carbonation or Fermentation, either.

It is working properly for Equipment profiles, as is the Wizard. In that case, new saves result in duplicated name profiles, or you can change the name from the recipe view. Both of those seem to be how to archive changes.
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  They work from the design tab but not the other tabs.  I've made a fix for this which I hope to release tomorrow - sorry for the error.  It should be fixed in build 2.2.08 or higher which will be out within a day or so on the download page.

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