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Hey Brad, what is the "correct" way to modify the Brew Steps report?  I love it mostly, but want to make some tweaks for my use.  I know I could hack into the files, but I'd rather not and I'd rather not lose my mods when a new version gets installed.


I'd like to do this as well. I can see a few of my failed attemps listed in the options.

What if you change the filename of an existing report and edit and add that?

Copy the "newbrewsheet.htm" file to "my documents\beersmith2\reports".  Copy the "style.css" to the same directory. 

Edit the copied files to your hearts content.  A new installation will have no impact on your existing report or style sheet.

Notepad isn't very good to look at that file (no lines). is there a better way to edit newbrewsheet in windows?

Also Is there a list of tags somewheres that can be used in the report?

Um sure....any HTML editor will do.  Notepad++ is free and has a HTML syntax highlighter.  I'm a long time software engineer, so I'm pretty comfortable looking at HTML in "code" mode. 

I have an old copy of Microsoft Frontpage that I use for WYSIWYG type things.   I'm sure there are others, but I only use what I have. 

PS: if you aren't terribly familiar with HTML or CSS, I highly recommend


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