Author Topic: Is there a history file for each update ?  (Read 3825 times)

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Is there a history file for each update ?
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:28:24 AM »

Usually, when a software is updated, there is a file that list all the update that have been made to the software, and sometimes with the history of all the previous versions updates.

I was wondering if there is anything like this with BeerSmith ? I can't find anything and I would like to know what bugs were fixed in each updated.


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Re: Is there a history file for each update ?
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 05:10:09 PM »
I should publish this - sorry.  Here are the BeerSmith 2.2 changes:

Changes in BeerSmith 2.2.05:
- Added "Search All" command to allow searching all local recipes by ingredient, name, style
- Recipe Archive view now stores edits and changes to all recipes for easy recovery of older data
- Added cloud search so you can find recipes from and use them easily within BeerSmith
- New equipment wizard mode to make entering new equipment a little easier
- Added options for Proxy user name and password for working around firewalls - now works with all commands
- Help->Check for Updates can now download desktop updates in the background for direct installation from the program
- The short items "ioz", "iqt", "igal", "ibarrel" can now be used in any field to specify conversion of imperial units
- Fixed bug "Not enough space in cloud folder" that could occur with some non-cloud pastes
- Fixed printing from tool views, and printing in general is smoother and less confusing
- Searched cloud recipes can now be previewed, or you can make a local copy
- CSS is now supported for custom reports (Mac, PC)
- New CSS based report formats for brewing steps and also
- The glass is now displayable in custom reports using the $GLASS tag
- Brew Steps are now opened in a separate tab (better viewing) instead of a "small font" window
- The shortcut bars are replaced with a simpler view tree on the left bottom sidebar, with the ability to store and use favorites
- A new "Adjust Gravity" tool was added to allow you to adjust gravity by adding DME or LME to wort if your gravity is off
- The tabs on the large ribbon are now optional - you can turn them on/off from View->Toggle Tabbed Ribbon for a cleaner look
- Added Copy to Cloud and Copy Local commands to My Recipes and Cloud view for easier transfers
- Better error handling for corrupted options files to avoid losing reg key if a file is bad
- Changed automatic backup file times so older backup files are kept longer without being replaced as often
- You can now update prices from the recipe design view - it will update prices to match current inventory prices
- Added whirlpool/steep hop IBU contributions for steeped/whirlpool hops based on 90C/194F steep temperature and time/util
- Corrected bug in Extract recipe OG calculation that included trub losses in OG calculation - resulting in slightly high OG estimates
- You can now customize columns in the the Inventory view and Ingredients in design view
- Grains/Extracts/Sugars can now be marked as not fermentable (such as lactose) and will contribute more to FG now

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