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Fermentation Temp Control

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Nice set-up and very nice explanation Tom. I just have an old fridge with the Analog Johnson controller with gas probe just sitting inside. Typically I set it a couple of degrees cooler that I want the fermentation. I did not think of taping probe to fermentor, perhaps I should try. What do you think the best set-up would be using what I have?

I think I just pissed myself. That is pretty cool. My buddy just gave me a window AC unit so I could build a walk-in but I have not gotten around to it yet. This will be helpful.

Surf Monkey Beer:
Nice work,

How about using a coolbot?

I live in an apartment with limited space and sometimes come reread this post just to daydream a little.

@tom_hampton, you mention you take daily records of each fermentation. I'd really like to do the same. I was hoping you might share your method for taking readings during fermentation. You said you don't like to expose your wort to air. Are you pulling samples from the spigot? Do you use a hydrometer or a refractometer with calc adjustment?

I have a clear plastic wine thief with a widget on the tip that allows wort to fill the tube, but holds it in when the thief is pulled from the wort. It's just large enough in diameter to fit a sanitized hydrometer. The idea is you can take a reading and return the wort to the fermentor by pressing the widget against the side of the vessel. But it requires that you uncork the fermentor. I've used this thief to take daily readings on a few batches. I keep it submerged in a tall flower vase filled with StarSan, covered to keep out dust, and change out the sanitizer each week. And of course the thief and hydrometer get cleaned after each use. Hydrometer gets stored in the thief, in the StarSan. I'm obsessive about cleanliness, but the method still feels invasive.


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