Beer Freshness and Oxygen with Chaz Benedict- BeerSmith Podcast #80

This week my guest is Chaz Benedict, who is an expert in commercial beer freshness and reducing oxygen content in finished beer.  We explore beer freshness, oxygen in beer, and ways a home brewer can create beer that is long lasting and has a stable flavor profile.

Note: You can find the full episode with audio, video and show notes here.

Kegging your Home Brewed Beer with Chris Graham – BeerSmith Podcast #79

This week we discuss how to keg your home brewed beer with Chris Graham from MoreBeer.  I highly recommend watching the video as this week Chris provides a detailed overview on kegging equipment, kegging techniques and how to make the transition from bottles to kegs!

Note: You can access the entire episode including show notes and video here.

Baltic Porter and The Maltose Falcons – BeerSmith Podcast #78

This week three members from the Maltose Falcons homebrew club join me to talk about Baltic Porter.  We discuss the Baltic Porter style, how to brew it and also their recent Baltic Porter contest.  We also discuss the Maltose Falcons 40th anniversary and their celebratory Baltic Porter brew.

NOTE: You can find the full episode including show notes and audio links here.

Brew in a Bag (BIAB) with Jake Keeler – BeerSmith Podcast #77

This week Jake Keeler joins me to discuss how to Brew in a Bag (BIAB).  Brew-in-a-bag is a popular alternative to traditional all grain beer brewing methods and saves on both time and equipment needed to get into all grain brewing.

Note: You can find the full episode with show notes and video here.

Schwarzbier Brewing with Jason Jaworowicz – BeerSmith Podcast #76

This week on the BeerSmith podcast we talk about brewing the perfect German Schwarzbier (Black beer). Jason Jaworowicz from Rivertown Homebrewers is my guest, and he provides a detailed walkthrough on how to brew this rich German lager.  Also subscribe on iTunes for my new video podcast feed!

Note: You can capture the full video and show notes for this episode here.

Vintage English Beer Brewing with Ron Pattinson – BeerSmith Podcast #75

This week my guest is Ron Pattinson, who is an expert on historical beer brewing. Ron joins us to discuss Vintage English beers and covers a wide variety of topics including English historical styles, classic ingredients and beer brewing techniques. Ron is the author of a new book “The Home Brewer’s Guide to Vintage Beer.

NOTE: The full episode with show notes can be found here.

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