BeerSmith 2

BeerSmith 2 for Linux Open Beta Release

by Brad Smith on January 23, 2012 · 10 comments

I’m happy to announce the release of our first open beta version of BeerSmith 2 for Linux. This is the first time BeerSmith has been available as a native program on the Linux platform. The Linux version is initially being released as an open beta for the community in preparation for formal release. The initial […]

Ten BeerSmith 2 Brewing Software Tips

by Brad Smith on October 20, 2011 · 7 comments

Many people have written the past few months asking that I put together a collection of tips for BeerSmith 2. I launched BeerSmith 2 in June and it has been very popular with both new and existing brewers. So this week I present a set of 10 tips for making the most of BeerSmith 2. […]

BeerSmith 2 Update Posted (Build 40)

by Brad Smith on June 23, 2011 · 2 comments

This will be a short note to let you know I just released an update to BeerSmith 2. I’ve posted BeerSmith 2 Build 40 (2.0.40) to the main download page here. This is a recommended update for all users of BeerSmith 2 – as it contains over 30 fixes and enhancements for items that people […]

BeerSmith 2 Home Brewing Software is Here!

by Brad Smith on June 13, 2011 · 10 comments

Our BeerSmith 2 home brewing software has been officially released! BeerSmith 2 is the next generation in beer brewing software, and is packed with new features including tabbed browsing, yeast calculators, a redesigned interface and lots more! It is also our first release available for the Macintosh platform. I’ve included a sample of the new […]

After my earlier post announcing BeerSmith 2, I received a lot of email asking when it would be available and how much it would cost. I’m pleased to announce both the BeerSmith 2 release date, pricing and also open up the preorder for those who wish to get a great discount on the next generation […]