Flavor Depth from Grains in Dark Beer Brewing

by Brad Smith on October 8, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I look at how to create layers of flavor in your darker beers by mixing grains from different groups and judicious use of harsh zone malts. Depth in Beer Flavor I want to first introduce the concept of depth in beer flavor. Depth refers to a beer that has layers of flavor and […]

Some time ago I wrote an article on steeping vs mashing dark grains for all grain beer brewers. That article recommended steeping some dark grains into a separate tea to minimize burnt, harsh flavors. This week we take a look at a simpler method for achieving the same effect. Steeping vs Mashing Dark Grains As […]

Dark grains are perhaps some of the most interesting ingredients for home brewing beer – they offer an explosion of flavor and color. This week, I step off the beaten path and explore some alternative ways to use dark grains when brewing beer. [NOTE: I’ve since published an updated (simpler) method for accomplishing the same […]