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  1. Give option to leave water salts off recipe report
  2. Automatic Style Selection
  3. Request "Measured Priming Sugar" field
  4. A suggestion and question for data
  5. Grain absorption in equipment profile
  6. Acidity
  7. Boil-Off tool documentation
  8. Computational or user input improvements ....
  9. Hop Inventory automatic AA and automatic maintain IBU when substituting hops
  10. Video Topic: Start to Finish - BeerSmith on Brew Day?
  11. Anhydrous calcium chloride option
  12. Water dilution for mash only
  13. Dry Hop Additions On Calendar
  14. Separate dates for starter and brew day
  15. Inventory Data Fields
  16. hops in KG to .001 !?!?!
  17. Partigyle Calculations
  18. Right click menu in recipe list view
  19. Adding hopped extracts
  20. attach files to recipes
  21. Citric Acid by weight measurement
  22. Date in cloud view
  23. Which recipe am I editing?
  24. Shopping List Suggestions
  25. Standard drink calculator tool
  26. BeerSmith Recipe Version
  27. Custom Draggable Sorting?
  28. Adjuncts for bottling
  29. whirlfloc amount
  30. Brew session vs brew recipe
  31. Acid addition
  32. Take Some Tips from BeerAlchemy for Mac
  33. Adding dry hopping to calendar
  34. Include carbonation method in calculation of ABV
  35. Mash Efficiency input instead of BH Eff
  36. Ingredients
  37. Recipe Bread Crumbs
  38. Gallons for water NOT Quarts
  39. Versioning. Actually make it do something?
  40. Add Check PH Brew Step
  41. Add support for labels in recipes
  42. Improvement suggestions
  43. Misc Ingedients
  44. Add option to keep IBU the same or not when adjusting gravity
  45. Improve Brew Timer
  46. Snap package for Linux version
  47. Grainfather Equipment Profile different from GF calculators
  48. Add-on option for Water Profiles by postal code
  49. Include the option of "backup settings"
  50. PH mash Adjust with Citric Acid