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  1. Don't add to Shopping if "Needed" = 0
  2. Move hops times to dedicated column in Brew Process TXT report
  3. Add "Last modified" to inventory
  4. "Items" not available in Inventory
  5. Beersmith2 is outdated...big time.
  6. Yeast units in (g) or (kg)
  7. More columns in cloud customize columns
  8. Assign URLs to ingredients for easier online shopping
  9. Add volume under false bottom setting
  10. OK =? Save
  11. Adjusting decoction boil temperature
  12. Sessions, Importing Data
  13. Hop Age Tool in Mobile App
  14. Better keyword use in cloud search please !
  15. Translate to ARM
  16. Date field in Mobile version
  17. Sync Settings and Data using cloud folder
  18. IBU decrease after fermentation
  19. BHE based on immersion chiller vs CFC
  20. Copy To Brew Log - Adjust Date on Copy
  21. Add new items to inventory from the recipe designer
  22. Export Session data as report and/or CSV
  23. Switch focus from BH Efficiency to Mash Efficiency
  24. Batch to batch consistency charting
  25. In field hydrometer adjust
  26. Timer for recirculation/filtering step
  27. Steep hops
  28. Adding "No-Chill" Option
  29. Water profiles addon
  30. Recipe version/linking
  31. Limit Recipes based on current inventory
  32. Calender
  33. Inventory to Cloud
  34. Possibility to select batch size
  35. cylinder volume tool
  36. Dry Rice Extract
  37. Total Hops in Recipe
  38. Reverse recipe lookup
  39. Cloud Shopping List & Inventory
  40. Alternate ABV calculator
  41. Bulk inventory update on BS2?
  42. The ability to add custom fields
  43. Recipe Cloud Search
  44. Better Calendar PLEASE!!!
  45. Additional data fields for hop ingredients
  46. Adding Steep/Whirlpool to Misc Ingredients
  47. Add a hopback addition
  48. Wort Souring Process
  49. Add 'water agents' to either mash tun or sparge water
  50. change grain weight type