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Title: Brewing SW was reviewed on a recent Pod-cast....
Post by: ddwbrew01 on May 02, 2007, 07:48:11 AM
I recently heard a pod-cast (Basic Brewing Radio) where they were reviewing brewing software and BeerSmith was one that was reviewed.  I have to say if faired well.  There may be some constructive feed back that can be gained from the review (i.e. where BeerSmith did well, what could be improved).

Before buying BeerSmith over a year ago, I had tried several brewing programs to decide which to spend my money on.  It seemed that BeerSmith had the best set of features and nice customization for my own brewing setup.  After listening to the review, I tried the SW (that shall remain nameless) that seemed to get a lot of reviews/praise from the listeners again.  After evaluating it, I still think BeerSmith is the best all around even if others may have the upper hand in some areas.

In a shameless attempt to get a new version of BeerSmith released, ;) I do want to mention that other softwares are closing the gap and there has been some new releases and new brewing programs since 1.3 was released.  From reading the suggestions and news forums, it sounds like a lot of new features have already been implemented that might broaden this gap in a new version.  Regardless of when the next version is released, thanks for all the hard work already spent on BeerSmith!  Being a software engineer, I know that these things take time and there is always one more thing to add/tweak.
Title: Re: Brewing SW was reviewed on a recent Pod-cast....
Post by: BeerSmith on May 02, 2007, 10:48:36 PM
  Thanks for the many kind comments - I will certainly try to look up the episode unless you have a quick link to it.

  We are getting close with the next version.  Alpha testing is complete and we're going into the beta test shortly.  Unless I have any additional surprises, we should have a release date posted fairly soon.

Title: Re: Brewing SW was reviewed on a recent Pod-cast....
Post by: ddwbrew01 on May 03, 2007, 06:42:57 AM
FANTASTIC!!!  I'll be looking forward to some of the new features I've read about in the forum!

Here is the link to the MP3: (

You might want to write to the James Spencer (the host) when you do come out with a new version.  He reads emails on the air and I am sure he would read yours if you send him an announcement.  Who knows, he might even want an interview which would allow you to expound on why BeerSmith is so great!