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Title: ios7 version in my iphone4 such a useless...
Post by: alanwaston on February 22, 2017, 02:16:35 AM
I aready made successfully install in my iphone4 the version of ios7 becoz i thought that it can make my phone more cool and transform into somthing better, that worst thing happen is after i already finish downloaded and install this ios7 version in my iphone4, i could not br able to download and install any types of apps fron store becos it requires the version of ios8... i was very2 disapointed and i totaly regret this thing because i never thought and expect that this is what going to happen.. this is the result,, i erase deleted and reset evrything in my phone, all the files and settings  just for this ios7 version..  its kind of useless thing..