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Title: Batch Sparging
Post by: wbc_leelee on December 23, 2003, 10:58:42 AM
Does anybody have experience with batch sparging and if so how do you setup beer smith for this process. I am looking at doing 43 litre batches and it seems that batch sparging may be the simpler way to go, any suggestions.
Title: Re: Batch Sparging
Post by: BeerSmith on December 23, 2003, 02:53:01 PM
 You can find an article about batch sparging here:

 As for using it with BeerSmith - there really is nothing you need to do different except adjust the brewhouse efficiency a few percent down because most brewers lose a few percent efficiency on batch sparging versus regular sparging.

 Many batch spargers also skip the mash-out step (for ease) - in this case just use the mash profiles with "no mash out" at the end of their names.