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Title: Gravity Estimate too Low on Extract Recipe?
Post by: BeerSmith on September 13, 2003, 01:18:14 PM
Another question I've received several times...

Q: Why does BeerSmith estimate a much lower Original Gravity for my Extract Recipe than my other program/spreadsheet/tool?

A: For Extract Recipes, BeerSmith correctly adjusts the starting gravity down to account for the lower yield you get from steeping specialty grains rather than mashing them.  Many other programs (believe it or not) actually treat steeped specialty grains as if they were mashed.  The difference can be large since mashing yields 70-80% while steeping grains typically yields only 10-30%.

The bottom line: The BeerSmith estimate will be much closer to the actual starting gravity you will achieve when steeping grains in an Extract recipe.

For more information see the following FAQ: