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Title: Keg Phenomena
Post by: BeerSmith on June 16, 2004, 08:13:13 AM
I've noticed that in addition to the problem of "the dissappearing keg" that we discussed earlier (;action=display;num=1064977571 ) there may be a secondary strange phenomena associated with kegs.

It seems that no matter what I brew or how popular a brew is - it is inevitable that all three kegs in my refrigerator will go dry at precisely the same time.  This often leaves me scrambling to brew a batch or two since I rarely have more than two kegs in standby reserve.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?  Is there an explanation for it?

Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: brownbeard on June 16, 2004, 09:05:09 AM
I will be filling my first keg tonight  :) so I will let you know.
Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: cj_in_j on June 16, 2004, 05:54:31 PM
Brad, your problem has several causes. The first is probably subconscious -- you sense which keg is nearing the end, so you avoid it in favor of the others. Eventually they get even lower than the one you're avoiding, which causes you to sense that the first has more, so you start drinking that one again. That continues until you're blowing foam out of all three at once. The second is your lack of cornies. No self-respecting brewer gets by with three or four kegs. Order more, man!!!

I haven't run out of beer, either bottled or kegged, in about four years, since I went all grain. Yesterday I transferred three beers to cornies, and they will soon join the two that are already in my fridge/freezer -- next to the five or six cases of bottles.

Brew On!
Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: BeerSmith on June 17, 2004, 11:46:44 AM
 Well I actually have 7 kegs overall, with three on tap.  I've never actually run out of beer, but it seems as soon as I get close to filling up the reserve kegs all three of the kegs on tap will go dry at once.

 Guess I just need to brew more!

  I also hate it when my favorites run out and I don't have them in backup.  One of the great challenges is to balance the brewing of my favorite beers with experimenting.  There are a few styles I really love, but I hate to brew the same thing all of the time.

Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: ibrewalot on June 18, 2004, 02:19:50 AM
I initially fell into that trap by pulling one beer off one tap and then the next beer off the second tap (I only have 2).  I wasn't really thinking about it, but I was causing them to both go dry the same day.  After it happened to me twice (ugggggh!) I learned my lesson and made sure to have a backup for each in a secondary so when one goes dry I can load up the keg and in 3 days or so be back in business.  I had never thought of having the backups already be in a backup keg, but I don't have enuf room in my keg fridge for more than 3, but then again.....I'll have to look to see if I could squeeze it in.  Now I'll just have to deal with the raised eyebrows of the wife when a couple new kegs show up!

Thanx for the idea...I think.  ;)
Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: Triple_Freak on October 17, 2004, 10:32:22 PM
Your problem has a simple solution.
You don't brew enough! :o
Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: BeerSmith on October 17, 2004, 11:53:08 PM
Tell me about it!  I've been programming too much and brewing too little.

Once again, I managed to kick two kegs at the same time last week and the third is looking pretty low as well.

I have two kegs in reserve, but my third batch (brewed last Saturday) won't be ready for several weeks.

Fortunately BeerSmith 1.3 is almost done for now - and we are entering the brewing season - so I'm hoping to build some reserves in the coming months.

Title: Re: Keg Phenomena
Post by: gregarpp on October 29, 2004, 06:58:54 AM
I have 15 corny's

I like to age my brews for some time... so I always have some ready..

I have 3 faucets on my fridge.  One is usually rootbeer.