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Title: Greetings from the land of Humulus lupulus
Post by: hopdog on March 09, 2011, 01:52:53 PM
Hey all,

New to this forum, and new to brewing as well. I got started this past fall when I made my first homemade hard cider. I had a carboy sitting around and figured I might as well put it to use while waiting for the next apple I bought a kit, and some extract, and some yeast and some books and equipment, etc....

I found a club in my area, Yakima WA and that has been great. I have my first solo AG batch (Denny Conn's RIPA) in the secondaries dry-hopping right now and am planning my next AG batch, the 2nd version of a recipe of my own design.

I like IPAs and IIPAs and APAs the most. I have now brewed a porter, a very very very dark brown ale, and a sweet stout. The rate at which the "hopped" up beers disappear versus the darker beers has taught me that I should stick to the hoppy side of things.

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with ya'll and getting tips and advice from any and all of you!