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Title: Wingeezer checking in!
Post by: Wingeezer on November 21, 2011, 06:40:58 AM
Hello  from Burlington, Ont.,  Canada.

(The nickname relates the fact that I ride a Honda Goldwing ......... and I'm not young!

I have made wine with success for many years. I tried beer a long time ago with no success at all,  but its time  to try again!

This time, I am going to try all grain,  I have pretty much gathered all the equipment I need,  including making a kegerator, and I'm about ready to start - although we usually head south with our RV for the winter so I'll likely wait until Spring. 

Meanwhile,    I am just getting used to kegging,  and I cheated by buying finished wort from a local microbrewery for my first experiment!

I bought Beersmith 2 to use on my Mac and believe it will be very useful.    At first I found it confusing,  and I still have lots of questions,   but the more I read about home brewing, the more it helps me to understand.

One minor annoyance I just came across this morning  ........................

I have been copying a few recipes from the internet into Brewsmith2 to try out later.   I wanted to add some notes  to the recipes taken from  the original source,   and figured I could easily do a cut and paste from the original source.

But I cannot.

I can of course cut the paragraph from the internet source, but when I switch to paste it into Beersmith2 (into notes within the recipe,)   the cut/paste options remain grayed out?

Am I doing something wrong here?  Surely this should be possible?   

Brian  ("Wingeezer")




Title: Re: Wingeezer checking in!
Post by: Killer.Mule on November 22, 2011, 01:08:55 PM
Hi Geezer,

I'm a noob on here, but I've run into this before. Some website have the copy to where you can't copy it actually out of the web page source. Somehow it's protected, so there's a test for this. I would try copying and pasting into a regular program you're used to using like Word or something and seeing if it worked. If it didn't work, chances are that site has the copy protected somehow. If it does paste into word but not BeerSmith2, I'm not sure what would be causing that, that sounds more programmatic and I have no answer for you there. But going to back to the Word scenario, if it works pasted into Word, then maybe copy and paste from Word to BeerSmith. I've copied and pasted a lot of Hop and Grain information from the actual malt and supplying companies right into BeerSmith with no problems at all, but I'm on a PC too, but it's been fabulous. Good luck, and good luck with your re-entry into brewing. It's easier than wine-making, no maleolactic bacteria additions (or whatever it is post primary) and all that. pretty straight forward. Relax, Have a HomeBrew!
Title: Re: Wingeezer checking in!
Post by: Duboman on November 22, 2011, 03:06:11 PM
No pro but if the files you are looking at are in Beersmith format you can save them and then import them into the software and then edit as you want, in addition you can bring the recipe into beersmith and then do a "save as" to create a fresh copy and then try and edit that way as well, again, I am on a pc but it should work, good luck and enjoy brewing!
Title: Re: Wingeezer checking in!
Post by: Wingeezer on November 22, 2011, 05:16:12 PM
Good suggestions guys - thanks.  It wasn't a recipe in beersmith format, it was just one that I found on teh internet that appealed to me.

I just entered the ingredients one by one as you would when creating a new recipe, but then there were a couple of paragraphs of instructions that I figured I would just cut and paste into the notes section of teh beersmith recipe.

Seemed to cut ok, but wouldn't paste.

Could well have been a problem with the site where I was getting the recipe, I never thought of that!   

If I run into the same thing again, I'll do a test to see if I can paste it into a word processor but not into Beersmith2

Cheers ......  Brian.