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Title: 'Elastic' Fermentation Profiles
Post by: MisterPhoton on January 11, 2012, 04:19:23 PM
Currently, the rigidity of fermentation profiles is a bit irritating. I test the gravity of my beer as it ferments to determine when fermentation slows down before I move it out of primary, which means that the day its moved out of primary can vary depending on any number of factors.

I'd like to be able to adjust the fermentation schedule on a per-batch basis without having to build out a new profile for each one. Extra bonus points if I'd be able to add calendar notes for a batch where I can record gravity when I take samples.
Title: Re: 'Elastic' Fermentation Profiles
Post by: tom_hampton on January 11, 2012, 09:43:51 PM
You can edit the fermentation schedule for the recipe, independant of the assigned profile.  On the "fermentation" page of the recipe, click the "check mark" next to the fermentation profile.  Any changes you make on this page will only apply to the current recipe.  Assuming that you are using the brewlog feature, this will record the actual schedule used for this batch.

This section includes a "notes" field at the bottom of the page, where you could add comments with date-codes to record your SG readings.

Do I get all available points?

Title: Re: 'Elastic' Fermentation Profiles
Post by: BeerSmith on January 12, 2012, 07:33:36 AM
  You have the flexibility to either create your own custom fermentation profiles to use in your recipes or edit the fermentation details for any given recipe.  Each recipe essentially has a complete copy of its fermentation profile (and all of the other profiles) so editing a single recipe will not change the profiles database.