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I would like to read his book but cannot find it. Can you post a link to it?
Unfortunately, I couldn't finish this particular episode. The non-stop pen clicking never ended. I fast forwarded well into the episode and the clicking was still happening, so I had to stop. I'll tune in again next time, though. Thanks for a great podcast.
BeerSmith Home Brewing Podcast / Episode #249 - Brewing Topics with Chip Walton
« Last post by BeerSmith on December 24, 2021, 11:20:13 AM »
Brewing Topics with Chip Walton - BeerSmith Podcast #249

Introductions / Re: Hello and Glad to be here!
« Last post by Edgar on December 23, 2021, 08:35:05 AM »
Thanks so much for that.

Do get in touch if there is a particular topic you want me to write about. Any feedback and advice is also welcome!

thanks again for your kind feedback!
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Mac (Catalina) 3.2 update not working with dark mode
« Last post by ShredderDAWG on December 23, 2021, 06:50:46 AM »
Dark mode still has issues with Monterey 12.0.1. BeerSmith 3 will often lock up and require restarting.
Introductions / Re: Hello and Glad to be here!
« Last post by brewfun on December 23, 2021, 04:49:37 AM »
Welcome! Excellent website with some very serious and interesting articles. You've created a great resource.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Adding of water agents
« Last post by DPirkl on December 22, 2021, 07:03:23 AM »
Thanks for the information.  since I have all the water for the entire process in the HLT I will just combine the totals for the Mash and Sparge and put it in the HLT in the beginning... simple!
BeerSmith 2 Bugs/Support / Bug in the Carbonation Tool?
« Last post by andreabhb on December 22, 2021, 06:23:49 AM »
Volumes of CO2: 2,5 vol
Temperature: 19 C
Beer volume: 16 L

BeerSmith results:
Corn sugar weight: 103,57 g
Table sugar weight: 94,24 g

Brewersfriend results:
Corn sugar weight: 113,4 g
Table sugar weight: 103,2 g

Applying the manual formula: (2,5 - 0,89) * 4 * 16 = 103,04 g

(see attachments)

So, is BeerSmith's calculated weight of table sugar wrong?


Brewing Discussion / Re: Brewing in the kitchen
« Last post by Sandyfeet on December 22, 2021, 05:19:28 AM »
Extract is easy in the kitchen. The downside is that unless you open a window, your house will smell like beer for about three days. If you are using a wort chiller, you either need to adapt for the sink or have a faucet outside right next to your kitchen.
Most of the all-in-one systems get complaints if they are not using 220. The ones I have seen don't have a whole lot of head space for a 5 gallon batch either. If using BIAB, I like the 15 gallon kettle, and that would not work very well on a stove.
I like brewing outdoors, but with a canopy, I can be outside the vast majority of the year in my climate. I just have to brew early in the summer before the thunderstorms.
Brew In A Bag (BIAB) / Re: About to BIAB in my HERMS....what should I know....
« Last post by Sandyfeet on December 22, 2021, 05:08:28 AM »
I was just playing around with my next recipe, so I just saw this.
BIIB is very easy. The downside is the efficiency. I have done a few batches, and setting the BH efficiency around 65% seems to get reasonably close with equipment being BIIB and mash set to single infusion.
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