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1 Gallon/small batch questions


Feb 28, 2016
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a few questions on going Small Batch route.

1.  If I use and extract recipe that calls for say 5lbs of liquid extract for 5 gallon, and convert recipe to 1 gallon, can I freeze the other 4 gallons for use later?  I havent seen any of the liquids at my LHBS that have 1lb cans.

2.  Do I need to use a 1 or 2 gallon fermenter or can I use one of my 5 gallons?  too much headspace?

Any other tips?  Ill be going to partial and full grain mostly for 1 gallon so I many need more equipment since my 5gallon set up is extract and mead right now.

as always thanks for your patience with the n00b!


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Jul 7, 2016
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I am a 1 gallon All-Grain brewer. In the past I brewed a few batches using liquid extract. Here are my two cents on your questions:

1.) I would store the remaining liquid extract that you don't use in a resealable container (like a Tupperware container) at room temperature for future use. I would not attempt freeze the liquid extract as it might freeze properly and you will get funky results when you try to thaw it.

2.) I would buy a smaller fermenter. I have 2 Little Big Mouth Bubblers that I am constantly using. They hold 1.4 gallons which is perfect size. 





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Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
Check with your lhbs as many have bulk LME which they can pour out in any quantity you want. 

Next, if you do get the LME in the larger size, store the remainder as Egrappage recommended in a sealed container, but I would recommend putting the container in the refrigerator.  Room temperatures are good for growing bacteria, molds, and wild yeasts and even though the sugar content should be high enough to retard such activity, I would not take the change that something does not start growing which could ruin the remainder of your supply.

While you can use a 5-gal fermentor, I would recommend getting something smaller.  When I do 4 liter test batches, I use Mr. Beer Kegs and they work very well for that volume.