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A Couple of Issues/Feature Requests


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Jan 3, 2012
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I've finally upgraded to Beersmith 2 after using Beersmith 1 for several years.  There are a few issues I've found which do not effect functionality but would be nice to see:

I'm using v.2.0.57 on Win 7 x64 PC.

1) Autosave? - It seems that when I'm tweaking a recipe on the recipe tab that I need to manually hit the "save" button to save the changes.  Does Beersmith save upon exit automatically?  I noticed a recipe I started and abandoned appeared next time I logged in but small changes I make do not seem to save without the manual saving.

2) Scrolling on a recipe tab - The scrolling on a recipe tab is a bit funky.  If I click on a recipe tab it seems to only scroll with the scroll wheel if I click a certain area. For instance, I know if I click on an area that needs scrolling (ingredient list) it will scroll the ingredient list but in order to scroll the whole recipe tab area I need to click inside an area with no scrolling.  When I say scrolling I mean with the scroll wheel on my mouse.  I can always use the scroll bar to the right but that is cumbersome and I'd like more consistency within the recipe tab.