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Sep 25, 2018
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Beersmith 3 arrives with mead/wine/cider support, hurray!
But it totally lacks support of managing acidity, and acids in these drinks are as much important and taste-building as bitterness in beer, so would be great if a feature was added to:
must have:
- record titratable acidity  (as malic, as citric at least, ideally also as lactic and mEq) of fermentables (at least for juice and fruit type of fermentables) and acid aditions)
- calculate acidity per batch (based on ingredients and batch size, note that different ingredients may have TA recorded with different units, so unit of total TA should be expressed in units of user's wish, per recipe
nice to have:
- include malic acid reduction of certain yeast strains
- inlcude malic acid reduction due to malolactic fermentation
- include pH and TA readings in brewlog (where you currently record date, sg and temperature)