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Add A Friends Recipe To My Recipes


Mar 15, 2015
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I have two recipes that were sent to me by a friend.  I'd like to add them to "My Recipes".  I got it into BeerSmith and saw it on the My Recipes line.. but they do not show up in the My Recipes folder.  When I closed down BS. it asked me if I wanted to save that recipe.  I said YES.. but, when I go back.. it's not there.  Saved to a different location?

Thanks for any help.

Oh yes.. it's BS 2.2.12
You can copy it to "My Recipes" in a few steps:

1. Select the recipe in your list of recipes.
2. Click the "Copy" icon near the top right on the menu.
3. Open your "My Recipes" folder (Mine's titled "Collected Recipes" in the attached screenshot.)
4. Click the "Paste" icon to the left of "Copy" on the menu.

It'll file the recipe alphabetically. You can also copy it directly to your Brew Log by selecting the file and clicking the "Copy to Log" icon near the center of the menu bar. Note that if you've renamed your Brew Log folder, BS2 will create a new folder called "Brew Log" and file it there!


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