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Add Fermentables at specific time

Atron Seige

New Forum Member
Sep 15, 2013
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Johannesburg, South Africa
How do I tell BeerSmith 3 that I want to add a fermentable at a specific time in the boil?

And how do I specify adding a fermentable at certain days during primary/secondary?

Info: I am brewing a beer and I am adding a jam. I would like to specify when to add the jam to the boil (5 minutes) and when to add during fermentation (day 11 and day 6).

Extra points: It seems that only Hops have a time option. Is there a way to add time to any other addition apart from hops?



Grandmaster Brewer
Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
So the work around for this is pretty simple. 

For the first addition, add your jam to the recipe as a boil ingredient.  Now in the recipe, edit the jam and change the type to 'extract' which will enable the 'late extract boil time'.  You can enter the boil time that you want to add the jam and save. 

The additions during fermentation are not so easily marked with respect to the addition times.  I usually add those ingredients that I will be adding during primary and occasionally secondary and then put the addition times in days (or most usually in time past peak fermentation) in the 'notes' section.  This will get printed on the brew steps report which will be hanging on the fermenter.