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ArtBrew Revolutionizes Craft Beer Brewing


New Brewer
Feb 25, 2016
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LOS ANGELES, CA – February 25, 2016 – ArtBrew today announced the launch of its revolutionary craft-brewing appliance. The ArtBrew is a self-contained device that performs all the steps of brewing beer, enabling users to create a wide range of professional quality craft beer recipes with virtually no effort or knowledge of beer brewing technique.  ArtBrew can brew 6 liters of beer at a time. About the size of a small microwave oven and featuring a modern, industrial design look, ArtBrew is intended for countertop use.

“We created ArtBrew for people who love craft beer and want to innovate with their own recipes,” said maximilian Scholl. “But, at the same time, our mission was to make the brewing process as simple as possible. ArtBrew brings it all together: amazing craft beer with a one-touch appliance.”

ArtBrew solves a problem that has confronted homebrew makers for many years. The conventional approach to brewing beer takes hours. It’s a messy process involving specialized techniques and a number of different pieces of equipment.  With ArtBrew, a craft brewer simply adds water and a pre-packaged container of materials to ArtBrew and sets the device into action. ArtBrew alerts the user to each required step, such as “add water” and so forth. With instructions from its built-in digital interface or a mobile app, ArtBrew will start to brew automatically - including mesh, boiling, filtering, cooling, fermentation and storage.

Once the brewing cycle is complete, the Artbrew holds up to 6 liters of chilled beer, ready for serving from a built-in tap on the device. Or, users can take beer out to serve in a “mini-keg.”  The ArtBrew appliances uses sensor technology and mobile app to update the user on the status of the beer being brewed.  Smart controls keep the brewing process accurate and stable, giving the user consistent taste for each batch created from the same recipe.  The technology enables users which to hone recipes and design their own craft beer variants.

For more information, visit www.artbrew.beer, Twitter and Vimeo channel.


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Feb 7, 2014
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Innisfil, Ontario Canada
That is not homebrewing. It's like saying you brew your own mochaccino when you pop a k cup in your coffee machine.
  Homebrewing is YOU are the machine. Salesmen will never understand Home brewers.