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Back Sweetening & ABV Calculation

Just Wondering

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Apr 6, 2019
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Hello All - new to this forum.  I have been a BS user for many years and I made my first ever batch of Hard Apple Cider a few weeks ago using BS3 and it turned out very good.  However, I have a couple questions:

1)  I used Apple Juice Concentrate to back sweeten the cider and it worked very well.  But, please correct me if I'm wrong, didn't that affect the final ABV?  My OG was 1.050.  My FG was 1.000 which gave me an ABV of 6.6% before I added the concentrate.  I didn't check it afterword.  How should I calculate the final ABV on my next batch?

2) For carbonation, I allowed the bottled cider to sit for a few days at 68* using the concentrate as priming sugar before pasteurizing to stop the conditioning process.  This worked very well except I didn't wait quite long enough and my cider finished a little under-carbonated.  Is there another way to bottle condition without making time-bombs?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!