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BeerSmith Partial Mash Pre-Boil Gravity Calculation


Nov 25, 2012
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I'm brewing a 5 gal partial mash IPA w/ about 8.5 lbs of grain and 2.5 lbs of light DME. My question has to do with the est pre-boil gravity. Its listed at 1.085, but does that include my DME additions? I'm not planning on adding the DME until the last 15 to 20 minutes of the boil and would like to be able to calculate my brew house efficiency(This is my 3rd brew).

Does anyone know how its calculated?
1.085 sounds like the dme is included. You could try removing the ingredient to see how it effects the numbers.

I couldn't tell you exactly how brewhouse efficiency is caluated in Beersmith. I did just read a chapter in a book called "Designing Great Beers" that explained how to figure out mash efficiency with pen and paper though. I could look that up if your interested.

1.  Bs2 assumes all sugar is part of pre boil gravity, even if you tell bs2 that it is a late addition.  I've told Bradthis is a bug , and he said he would address it in the next release.

2.  Brew house eff.  is total sugar into the fermenter / total sugar of grains and extract.  It includes post boil trub and transfer losses, as well as mash eff.

Oh, and 8.5 lbs of grain counts as all-grain brewing, if you ask me. :) 

1085 us a BIG ipa, maybe a iipa?