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Beersmith Program


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Jun 1, 2013
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So I just did my first all grain batch. I printed out the recipe from Beersmith and something seems messed up.

It's a 5.5 gal batch size. Boil Size= 8.76

The program said I needed 11.55 gal of water.

I mash In with 22.61 qt of water at 157.1F

Then the program says to fly sparge with 5.89 gal of water at 168 F

So now im at about 10 gallons in the kettle and the next Boil Wort step says to Add water to achieve boil volume of 8.76 gal

How do you add water to more than 10 gallons and get to 8.76 gallons  :-\

So, now my OG is off.

If somebody could explain what the issue is, id really appreciate it.

Also I couldnt get all the wort into my 6.5 gallon fermenter. and its a 5.5 gal batch

My OG was supposed to be 1.080 and its 1.064
You need check your equipment set up. I quickly use volumes in the recipe design for 5.5 gal batch and come up with 8.69 total water needed, 7.24 pre boil volume, 6.24 post boil volume, .25 cooling loss and .5 fermentor trub loss.
Here is a neat post, not sure why it didn't get stickied.

  I just marked that thread as "sticky"