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Best Beer Magazines/Books


Master Brewer
Nov 23, 2018
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As a newbie, I?m trying to get my hands on any brewing literature I can find.  Aside from Palmer?s ?How to Brew?, what should I add to my Christmas list?
For magazines, BYO and AHA's Zymurgy are hard to beat.

Books, Brewing Classic Styles and Modern Homebrew Recipes are good to get a good feel for different styles and the recipes that go along with them. Michael Dawson's Mashmaker book has a brief introduction on how to brew and then has some rather excellent recipes that are categorized by high level style.

How to Brew is pretty good. I like New Brewing Lager Beer as it goes a little more into the weeds on yeast, water chemistry, etc.

Dave Carpenters's Lager is another great book along Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing and Brew Like a Monk by Stan Hieronmus.

Join the American Homebrew Association to get Zymurgy magazine. What I really like about that one, besides it being a good read, is that you get access to every issue ever published in digital form.

A word on Palmer's How to Brew... get the newest 4th edition print version. The free version online that people will tell you to get is the first edition. John has made many changes to not only his technique but in his way of thinking on certain subjects. There are new sections in the current edition you won't find in previous versions.

I happen to be more artistic rather than scientific minded so I do better with the book Mastering Homebrew by Randy Mosher. Randy's profession is graphic design and in this book he approached recipe formulation in much the same way.

If you like historic English styles you can't beat the books and blog by Ron Pattinson. When it comes to writing this guy is a machine. Ron scours the official archives and municipal records searching for brewers log books, trade publications, news paper articles... even court records related to beer. He's one of those savant types who love crunching numbers and pulling together data to make connections. His insights into what brewing was like in England, Scotland, Ireland and western Europe are unmatched. His blog is: http://barclayperkins.blogspot.com/
I appreciate the recommendations.  I picked up Palmer's 4th edition and I just started Radical Brewing and I'm already really enjoying it.

as far as books, i've got to add a few to the list that are "must reads"

Brew like a monk -Hieronymus
Secrets of master brewers -Hieronymus/alworth
Beer tap into the art and science of brewing -bamforth

the brewers series- Water. Yeast. Malt. Hops. four books, all have great info but very technical.