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Beyond the fermenter...


Jul 6, 2016
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Brewers, I seek council. Guide me if you will

I've been brewing for many years, from kits from Boots (yes, a UK brewer!) before I could legally buy beer, up to AGB HERMS with a mate of mine. We make great beer, or at least, we really enjoy it. But I need some help in getting to crystal clear beer.

Currently, and has always been the case, when fermentation is done and it's ready for the next stage, I've gone 1 of 2 routes:

1) Syphon off the beer into another container so it can be batch primed, then bottle. Cap it off, warm place for a week, cool place until I just cant leave it any more. Result: Great beer, clear until you move it, sediment.

2) Pour it into a pressure barrel of some kind, prime, leave. Result: Great beer, remains clear, just can't take it anywhere or give any away.

In seeking clearer, carbonated beer, I've taken to taking beer from the keg after a couple of weeks and pouring it into bottles. This works in terms of the beer being clear but carbonation lacks, and the beer won't sustain a head.

We're investing in some corny (or similar) kegs in the future, so for 'stationary' beer, all is good. However, the big question remains:
How can we get very bright beer, properly carbonated, into bottles with zero sediment?


Using a kegerator /corny system you can get clear carbonated beer into bottles without bottling tools. Don't prime corny kegs but force carbonate for 3 days minimum at 28 psi. kegs need to have  pressure release valve, shut off co2 and relieve almost all pressure from carbonated keg. Pour slowly from tap into bottles slanted at 45 degrees and cap immediately. bump up pressure as needed to just allow a trickle out of the tap. If your kegged beer is carbonated nicely, the beer should flow into the bottles slowly and foamless enough to cap asap and the carbonation will be good.  I do this routine when I go out and want to bring my beer with me. Good for short term,a few weeks,  not long term storage of bottles.
Don't forget to re- pressure the keg when done.  CHEERS
Hi Scott,
I notice you do not mention filtering at any stage, nor do you say how you carbonate?