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BIAB 4 gal pot.. 2 gal batch... Lost


May 5, 2017
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Ok, I'm trying to setup a profile for my 4 gallon pot to make 2 gallon batches.  Basically I want Brewsmith to tell me if I need to sparge - and if so how much.  And How much mash volume I'll need...

I think I'm getting mash volumes in excess of my 4 gallon pot. 

Clearly I'm not setting something up correctly...


Grandmaster Brewer
Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
With a 4-gallon pot, you should have enough room to comfortably do most BIAB recipes as full volume.  If you have your equipment set up to reflect the correct volumes in your pot, boil off rate, and losses in your system, then when you pick a biab mash profile and look at the mash tab, BeerSmith will flag the 'mash volume needed' section in the 'mash volume needed' column. If you exceed the volume of your mash tun (pot) as you entered in your equipment profile BeerSmith will change the blue dot next to that value to red.

If you choose to set up for a sparge, then ignore the fact that you are using a bag to mash in and treat it as a standard mash tun type of set up.