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Boil Off (Evaporation)



My boil-off far exceeds the maximum 15% allowable in Beersmith. I often boil-off 3 gallons of a 7 gallon boil in 1 hour. I like to keep my propane wide open rather than throttle it to avoid issues where the boil stops because of cold, wind, or dropping the wort chiller in, which happens all the time except in summer.

Could I ask for a BeerSmith enhancement - larger % for evaporation?

Side question:  do you get a lot of carmelization from that raging boil and evap rate? 
Not really... but I think it's related to my water. I have very very soft water perfect for making pilsners. I pils come out nice and light and refreshing. I sometimes boil up to 90 minutes with still little effect but keep in mind that I am doing full boils.
Beer Smith allows for as much boil off as you want.  Try putting it higher and see what happens
atarlecky said:
You can only go up to 15%

You can go as high as you want, even up to 100%.  The 5-15% range you see on the screen is just a guideline for what people typically see.  Enter any number you wish, and it will calculate.
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