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Brew Log


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May 10, 2013
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Is there an equivalent to the brew log in the web version as there is in the client?
Not yet but it is on my "to do" list - still all you need to do is create a "Brew Log" folder and then copy recipes over to it when you are done brewing one.
I thought about that, but i was concerned about running out of recipes should I do that. Its great to hear its on the todo list. Thank you for that info!
They will be part of the recipe count but you can always roll old ones off to your desktop if you run out of space.
Any chance this has made it to the current version yet? I would like to solely use the web version.
You could always add a folder yourself.
There is no separate button but you can easily create a Brew Log folder on the web version and then from My Recipes just use the "Copy to Folder" command that shows up in the Hamburger drop down menu on the right side of any recipe listed there.