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Brewers IQ


Lowell M. Rowley

Hi, I just joined this forum and in looking at the posts I became intrigued by the post- Are brewers really smarter? I don't know, but I know a lot of other men who have hobbies that cost a lot more, take more time, that involve killing things, catching things(trying) breaking legs and arms, end in frustration(golf), allienation from the children andsometimes divorce.
Smarter? I don't think so because the more I learn the more I find I need to learn, but spending an afternoon at home playing with water and ending up with something as good as craft beer cant' be too stupid a thing to do


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Apr 5, 2003
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If I recall we agreed that "smarter" was not the right word - I believe "imaginitive",  "creative" or even "crazy" comes a little closer to the mark.  Though that can certainly be said of many other hobbies that people engage in.

It does seem to me that brewing attracts a different sort of person - though I can say I have met all kinds of people brewing.

For me - there is something primevil about standing over the brewpot stirring my latest brew!