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Bru Gear Kettle


Apr 25, 2015
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Long Island, NY
I just purchased a 15 gallon ProBoiler kettle from Bru Gear because they are having a great sale on some of their kettles right now. It's a great bang for your buck: it includes two 1.5 inch tri clover ports, a thermowell and a ss 3-piece ball valve. I added a dip tube and thermometer and the whole shebang was around $200 shipped. Pretty awesome!
However...they're communication and customer service is non-existant. I'm not looking to bad mouth them here or vent about my bad experience but I want to warn people that while the sell great pieces of hardware for an incredible price they are unreachable via phone and email responses come only after three or four attempts on your end...many, many days later.
I have't brewed with it yet, but even with my bad experience I am really looking forward to it!
Anyone else have similar experiences with BruGear?