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BS3 Wine Reports and Missing Tags


May 12, 2014
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I have been using Beersmith to record all my fermentations for awhile (both beer and wine).  I was trying to create a custom report for the Wine Recipes to store in my log book.  I wasn't able to find some tags for the parameters in the Wine recipe.  Specifically, I would like to record the following:

Grape Source
Initial pH
Initial TA (g tartaric acid/L)
Available Nitrogen
Yeast Parameters (Name, Lab, Product ID, Attenuation, Temp Range, Flocculation Level)
Fermentation Profile (Display graph and End of Primary Gravity, End of Secondary Gravity, etc.)
Final pH
Final TA (g tartaric acid/L)
Sulfite Level (Molecular or Free)

I could fake some of these for wine (e.g. I used Asst Brewer to store Grape Source) and I would use mash values, but Mash is unaccessible for wine.  Do you have an updated list/examples of the beerxml tags that Beersmith uses?  I attached the version of a cleaned report for wines


  • Wine Journal 1.htm
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